Berg Family Portraits…

So wonderful to see returning families and meeting their new additions, this little man sure gave me the run around. It’s been a long time since I’ve had such a little runner, reminded me its long overdue for me to hit them gym! LOL! But he is SO CUTE! Another awesome family shoot guys!!

Till next time buddy! Keep on running! 

Dillon Family…

What can I say? I have some uber cute families to share with you! The Dillon family rocked out their family portraits this year, and the fall colors were out in full force! LOVE!!


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Family of Boys…..

Photographing these adorable boys makes me wish I had a little man to dress in vests and bow ties…
Aren’t they just the CUTEST?? They did such a great job, I am a lucky photographer!

Feast and famine on this blog!… more soon….

Ballerina Dance Photography

 Dance photography is one of my favorite kinds. I wish I could do more. I think it’s getting more popular lately with instagram, lots of great pics there!
You would think I’d have a willing participant here, but I had to bribe with McDonald’s to get these few pics… my little dancer, and forget about an outfit change.. haha photographers’ kids..



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Elena, Alannah, and Courtney

Here I am finally posting these amazing images of Courtney Snyder’s talented make-up artistry.
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We wanted to continue building her portfolio, you already saw her handi-work here and here
and below are more pics of her gorgeous work.

And I insisted on taking some pics of Courtney too, because she’s beautiful inside and out.

Margaroni Family

Had so much fun shooting this family, been a long time since I’ve shot boys! Hope you love them as much as I do! Introducing the Margaroni family…

Hannah’s High School Senior Portraits

So this high school senior is another gal I had the pleasure of photographing as a little girl, but look at her now! Not only is she a gifted soccer player she is beautiful inside and out! And the proof is in the pictures! Here are your sneak previews!

I just loved catching up with her and her mom and sister, plus I get to photograph her whole family very soon!

Hannah’s beautiful makeup was done by the talented Courtney Snyder.

[A beautiful model]

I recently had the pleasure of photographing this gorgeous girl!
She’s such a natural! I just couldn’t wait to share a few with you now… more coming soon!

[one big Rue]

So here’s a recent picture of Rue. So cute!!! She’s such a sweet little thing, we just love her to bits. She’s got such a sweet temperament, always in the mood to play, or snuggle. At night sometimes I find her curled on top of my head like a cat. She feels like a kitten too! Her hair is so so soft, and her feet are so dainty like a cat. She’s also very agile too, she can stand on her back legs for a really long time and jumps super high. Every time I leave the house everyone says she gets sad and wait anxiously for my return. I’m not sure how she ended up being so attached to me, since my husband was the one who really wanted to keep her! She was supposed to be his companion. Every time I come home she gives me the best welcome back hugs and her tail wags so ferociously that I her whole back end moves side to side! She brings so much joy and laughter I can’t even begin to tell you! LOVE HER!!!!

She loves to play fetch. .. when I tell her to go get a toy she runs and finds the nearest thing, usually its a sock and brings it to us. So adorable! We’ve only loss 2 pairs of flip flops and 2 pairs of my favorite heels… but I did manage to save my Toms! LOL! Little PUNK!

But seriously how in the world can you be mad at that FACE?? You can’t!

Here’s a picture of the big dogs, this was taken around August last year Jinger is the one with the red scarf and Nala’s Rue’s mom is on the right. This was shortly after she had her hair cut.  Her hair has grown back a lot now… I need to get updated pics!

[puppies at 6 weeks]

Nothing grows quicker than puppies! They come out looking like little baby guniea pigs and quickly turn into the most adorable and playful puppies in just a few short weeks!
Here they are at 6 weeks! Almost ready to go to their forever homes.

Rue loved playing with Darwin a little mini-her… you can see how much she’s grown when you compare her to the little ones. But she’s almost fully grown so she’s not going to be a big girl… these puppies will reach her size at about 10 weeks!

Little Darwin was a spunky little dude, he and Rue would be at it all the time! They were so so cute together.

Sydney is just super sweet she’s got a wonderful gentle temperament. So sweet and cuddly. I adored her.

Melbourne is very much like Sydney, they’re two peas in a pod, they’re so sweet and loving, always ready to be held and cuddled. He was super fun and curious.

Little Princess Adelaide was a little shy. She held back when the other were clamouring to be held. She’s likes her own space, and loved being outdoors. She never came when I called her and had to be hunted down from inside the bushes when it was time to go inside. she was a bit of a scaredy cat, so was the best model, she would hardly moved and posed quietly for me!

As you can see I was able to put her in a little picnic basket for photos and she behaved very well.

Oh so cute! These puppies all went home to wonderful families, Sydney was auctioned off at a very high bid at an Auction in Vegas, but also went home to a loving family. I miss them all! And I know each and everyone of them will bring only JOY and HAPPINESS to their owners.

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