Moffitt Family Portraits….

It took a little while to dig back and find this beautiful family’s very first shoot with me. They are such a pleasure to photograph, and I look forward every year to photographing them, and seeing how much they have grown, and boy have they GROWN! Below is the link to their first shoot, my goodness how time has flown!
Yes… they are pro’s at this whole family photoshoot thing, so much that we are running out of locations to use! So mom wanted to go back to the beginning…. what a great idea..
Our fist location:
Model potential right here! What a handsome dude….

Looking more and more like her gorgeous mom every year…

We also ventured to a new location which I have never shot a family portrait session at yet.
I don’t think it will be the last time. I love it!

And one more…. love it! 
Thank you Moffitt family again for another fabulous photoshoot! You guys always ROCK IT! (no pun intended! 😛

Osborn family….

It’s been ages since I’ve seen this family, and they’ve made some cute additions since the last time!
Now they have two gorgeous daughters for me to photograph!

I have been photographing this young lady since pre-school! And every time I do, she keeps getting more gorgeous every time!


As always great shoot you guys!

Dillon Family…

What can I say? I have some uber cute families to share with you! The Dillon family rocked out their family portraits this year, and the fall colors were out in full force! LOVE!!


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Finally Posting this Fall Family Shoot

Bumped into this awesome family today, and I realized as I was catching up on all my blog posts, I realized I didn’t post these, which I had to remedy because it was one of my favorite families and they turned out so cute!

Love love these girls!
I don’t need glasses, but I NEED these! Aren’t they just adorable??

Leaving the nest…

This gorgeous young lady was one of my very first clients! Gosh it seems like another lifetime ago, but then it also seems to have flown by. I think the first time I photographed her she was in 5th or 6th grade. And here she is graduated from high school and leaving her family to go to college in Idaho! May she soar high and wide, and all her dreams come true!

And just because I never remember to post a black and white! Here’s ya go! More fall sessions coming soon!  

Vongschanphen 2014

It is always such a pleasure to welcome back families I have photographed before. Its just so wonderful to see the children grow and this sweet family was such a pleasure. The last time I photographed this little girl she was only 4 and now she’s in 4th grade! My how time has flown. I hope it won’t be that long again before I get to photograph her again!

Of course you can tell where she gets her beauty from! Mom! Love this pic of the two of them.
Seriously I could have photographed this one all day long. I don’t think she would’ve appreciated that, they did so well though.

Why are boys so less comfortable in front of the camera? They’re just as cute!

I found my favorite lighting at this spot. So amazing! 

I’m super excited for Fall family shoots this year. Please e-mail me today for your session, I still have a few spots available.

The Baumgartner Family

I remember when I shot Scarlet for her newborn shoot, it’s so crazy how time flies! I can’t believe shes so big now, it seems like just yesterday! Just like every kid at this age all she wanted to do was run around and explore everything, good thing her big sister Ruby was there to help us out. Without further ado, i give you a sneak peek at the precious Baumgartners!

The Klinger Family

One of the best things about my job is when I get to photograph families more than once. I capture the children as they grow. It has been about 4 or 5 years since the last time I photographed this gorgeous family, and it’s just amazing to see the children grow into young adults.
Thank you for choosing me to capture your family.

Halloween 2013

So I have totally been slacking on the good old blog, and I really do love going through and reading our story.. so I am trying to make an effort to get back into it. So here are pics from Halloween, I found this super cute costume for Avila at the Goodwill for $10, it came with the whole shibang and I didn’t have to sew a thing! Woohoo… just a tip. Goodwill has the most extensive selection of new and used costumes. This was a brand new unopened costume. Isn’t she just too cute? I’ve always wanted one of them to dress in super hero, and I finally got one this year! 

And can’t forget my sweet teenager who is growing up way too quickly. It really surprised me that she picked Minnie Mouse this year because she’s never been a Disney fan, but what the heck, she got some good use out of her costume, wearing it 3 times this year for various events.

We were attended a Halloween party, and the girls wanted me to dress up too… so I threw this together in about 5 mins, I know not too creative but can I get an A for a 5 minute effort!

So for Avila’s annual cultural project she presented a report on Shirley Temple. It was really fun, we watched a few of her movies together and really enjoyed them, there wasn’t one where it didn’t make me cry! They just don’t make movies like they used to. Sigh. I think it was stretching it a bit with the costume… an Asian Shirley? Couldn’t really pull it off, but still A for effort Okay?

And what can I say? The only thing I had to make was the apron, so that was a pretty easy peasey Halloween for me this year! Gotta LOVE that. Hope your Halloween was a fun one.

Fall family photoshoots continues!

Had a great time shooting this super cute and fun family….

Gorgeous right? they should be models!

Okay I’ll stop last one… these two cuties! Look at those eyes!