Moffitt Family Portraits….

It took a little while to dig back and find this beautiful family’s very first shoot with me. They are such a pleasure to photograph, and I look forward every year to photographing them, and seeing how much they have grown, and boy have they GROWN! Below is the link to their first shoot, my goodness how time has flown!
Yes… they are pro’s at this whole family photoshoot thing, so much that we are running out of locations to use! So mom wanted to go back to the beginning…. what a great idea..
Our fist location:
Model potential right here! What a handsome dude….

Looking more and more like her gorgeous mom every year…

We also ventured to a new location which I have never shot a family portrait session at yet.
I don’t think it will be the last time. I love it!

And one more…. love it! 
Thank you Moffitt family again for another fabulous photoshoot! You guys always ROCK IT! (no pun intended! 😛

Dillon Family…

What can I say? I have some uber cute families to share with you! The Dillon family rocked out their family portraits this year, and the fall colors were out in full force! LOVE!!


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Finally Posting this Fall Family Shoot

Bumped into this awesome family today, and I realized as I was catching up on all my blog posts, I realized I didn’t post these, which I had to remedy because it was one of my favorite families and they turned out so cute!

Love love these girls!
I don’t need glasses, but I NEED these! Aren’t they just adorable??

High School Senior — Andrew Lowery

FINALLY posting these! I forgotten how much I love them! 
Thanks Andrew for being a great sport, and doing these a the last minute, now that you’re off to college, I guess these pics will keep mom company, I know she misses you heaps! 

Leaving the nest…

This gorgeous young lady was one of my very first clients! Gosh it seems like another lifetime ago, but then it also seems to have flown by. I think the first time I photographed her she was in 5th or 6th grade. And here she is graduated from high school and leaving her family to go to college in Idaho! May she soar high and wide, and all her dreams come true!

And just because I never remember to post a black and white! Here’s ya go! More fall sessions coming soon!  

Mekayla’s High School Senior Portraits

It was so fun photographing this gorgeous girl. Her and her siblings were one of my very first photoshoots, I think they were in my first 10 official shoots! I’m so thankful that they still wanted me to shoot her senior portraits! I can’t wait to shoot all her siblings. Anyways… what can I say about this shoot? Only that it was such a pleasure to work with her and her awesome mom, and it was so nice to catch up in the midst of our busy busy lives. I loved all her pics. So without any more words… here are your sneak peeks!

Mekayla’s makeup was done by the very talented Courtney Snyder, I will have more information on Courtney soon.

[first family portrait session of 2013]

I can’t even believe its already 2013 its been so crazy. I’ve been so sick this January, right after this awesome shoot I caught a ‘common cold’ that kicked my butt! I was in bed for nearly  2 weeks and still felt awful through most of February. Crazy! but I’m feeling better and looking forward to a great year!
And what better way to start but photographing a gorgeous family? I love everything about this shoot, the wintery back drop and gorgeous lighting, as well as the stylish outfits. 

Aren’t they just too cute?? I love seeing little mini-me’s!

Mom and her gorgeous girls!

This kitty kept photo-bombing my scene! She loves getting her picture taken! LOL!

And how cute is this little girl? She’s got mucho cuteness and spunk all in one!

Simply beautiful…. definitely model material!

SO MANY great pics to choose from! It was so hard to narrow down! I loved them all!

{girl time}

While in Australia I was so excited to visit with my good friend Alyssa whom I’ve known since my tweens… and here we are now with our own kids. I finally got to meet one of her little ones (she has 3 under the age of 5!) and we got to do a mini-shoot, and little Jacinta was a bit of a firecracker… running running… but I managed to get a few that I love!

What a little China Doll. Every girl deserves a baby girl… I mean we always played with dolls… that’s what we were preparing for, but its a lot more fun and a lot harder than it used to be. Hehehe…

[sweet one year old]

This little man did amazing on his first photo shoot, what a natural model! Looks like the GERBER baby doesn’t he? Those amazing big blue eyes and super cute smile. Oh my goodness he just keeps getting cuter every time I see him! So thrilled to get the opportunity to photograph Mr. AJ!

Wow! I can’t even believe its already mid-january! Is it terrible that I am still working on things from last year? I hate to start the new year already behind, but I’ve been working hard on launching the workshop information. So please bear with me I have lots to share.