Family of Boys…..

Photographing these adorable boys makes me wish I had a little man to dress in vests and bow ties…
Aren’t they just the CUTEST?? They did such a great job, I am a lucky photographer!

Feast and famine on this blog!… more soon….

Fall family photoshoots continues!

Had a great time shooting this super cute and fun family….

Gorgeous right? they should be models!

Okay I’ll stop last one… these two cuties! Look at those eyes!

{baby love}

I love it when I clients come back at different stages of life. Here’s a wonderful couple who I shot their wedding a few years back.. and recently I  had the pleasure of meeting the latest addition to their family… sweet Wylla!! 


I’m excited to get to photograph Wylla again soon! We’ll be seeing her and how she grows in 6 month! Yay!!

[Baby Max]

I am so thrilled to share these with you… here is baby Max in the oven…

And here he is only a few days old, looking oh so adorable…

And just when I thought he could not be any cuter… look at him NOW! He is one of the rare boys that I meet that makes me wish I had one too! And why not? Look at those eyes!
And the smile…

And the straight up sweetness…
More CUTENESS! I love how everything is new in their eyes, that its the FIRST for EVERYTHING, I remember how it is with your first baby, and you see it through their eyes, how exciting it is to experience with them the first time they see a ladybug, or eat applesauce, or swim in a pool… there’s just no words to describe it, and its the best feeling in the whole world… well that and laying in bed with them snuggled tightly next to you! You all know what I mean!
A quick changeroo into a new outfit, and again looking even MORE adorable!

That’s all for now.. a wave bye bye…
So how is everybody doing?? Getting your Christmas cards out?? I know my clients have already sent theirs out and I am not the only one ooohhing and aaahhing over them, they turned out especially CUTE this year for some reason! LOL… and I’m not biased or anything either… hahaha… come back soon, I will share our family portraits this year… and after all the blood sweat and tears I think we got a few cute shots.

A long awaited maternity shoot!

One of my best friends is pregnant with a girl!!! We are so excited because she has 2 boys, and for the last 4 years since we’ve been friends she’s had to endure watching all the fun girly things that me and the gals have gotten up to. I threw her the most GIRLY PINK baby shower I could think of, and we are anxiously awaiting her arrival. As pregnancies go, the more you have the faster they go by, I kept nagging her to get her maternity shoot done, and finally at 38 weeks I told her she could wait no more, otherwise we’ll have to do a newborn shoot!!!
Isn’t she the most gorgeous pregnant woman you’ve ever seen?? I just love these!!! Thanks Fara for letting me share these!

Phew! I could’ve gone on and on… but I know there are a heap of people waiting for their sneak peeks too. Thanks everyone for their patience.

I can’t wait to meet your little girl Fara, and watch as you enjoy all the frills & thrills of a having daughter!

Finally….. Adorable Miss Lilly!

Thank you for your patience… your gallery is almost available for viewing.. here are some sneak previews of sweet Lilly. She is darling… what a laugh!

Already she is packed with personality, look at the way she threads her leg into the chair and raises her arm! So funny, and her leg resting on the arm of the chair… kills me! LOL!

Love me a feet shot! I could almost eat ’em! Aaaahhhhhhh…

Thanks so much for stopping by and viewing pics… so I am burning through my proofing gallery… dare I say I am ALMOST caught up?????

Absolutely Perfect….

In every way! I sat down to post a few sneak peeks of brand new James, and I just got addicted to his amazing sweetness and perfect baby features… The first of many newborns to come, I was so excited to get a chance to photograph him, especially outside in the warm evening! Please click on the images to see them in their best resolution. Enjoy!

You just forget how preciously small and fragile they are in the first 2 weeks, the sweet smell and flaky skin, sweet little dots all over and bright pink skin that turns RED when they cry! Oh and that baby cry… like a little kitten.

What a natural model he was. I seriously could have photographed him all day! But we were all done in less than an hour… sniff sniff.. I hope I’ll be seeing you again little one!

Omigosh, isn’t he just delightful? Dang! I better stop or I may as well as post the whole gallery!! LOL! Thanks for stopping by!