Osborn family….

It’s been ages since I’ve seen this family, and they’ve made some cute additions since the last time!
Now they have two gorgeous daughters for me to photograph!

I have been photographing this young lady since pre-school! And every time I do, she keeps getting more gorgeous every time!


As always great shoot you guys!

Dillon Family…

What can I say? I have some uber cute families to share with you! The Dillon family rocked out their family portraits this year, and the fall colors were out in full force! LOVE!!


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High School Senior — Andrew Lowery

FINALLY posting these! I forgotten how much I love them! 
Thanks Andrew for being a great sport, and doing these a the last minute, now that you’re off to college, I guess these pics will keep mom company, I know she misses you heaps! 

Family of Boys…..

Photographing these adorable boys makes me wish I had a little man to dress in vests and bow ties…
Aren’t they just the CUTEST?? They did such a great job, I am a lucky photographer!

Feast and famine on this blog!… more soon….

The Baumgartner Family

I remember when I shot Scarlet for her newborn shoot, it’s so crazy how time flies! I can’t believe shes so big now, it seems like just yesterday! Just like every kid at this age all she wanted to do was run around and explore everything, good thing her big sister Ruby was there to help us out. Without further ado, i give you a sneak peek at the precious Baumgartners!

The Klinger Family

One of the best things about my job is when I get to photograph families more than once. I capture the children as they grow. It has been about 4 or 5 years since the last time I photographed this gorgeous family, and it’s just amazing to see the children grow into young adults.
Thank you for choosing me to capture your family.

Mekayla’s High School Senior Portraits

It was so fun photographing this gorgeous girl. Her and her siblings were one of my very first photoshoots, I think they were in my first 10 official shoots! I’m so thankful that they still wanted me to shoot her senior portraits! I can’t wait to shoot all her siblings. Anyways… what can I say about this shoot? Only that it was such a pleasure to work with her and her awesome mom, and it was so nice to catch up in the midst of our busy busy lives. I loved all her pics. So without any more words… here are your sneak peeks!

Mekayla’s makeup was done by the very talented Courtney Snyder, I will have more information on Courtney soon.

Fall family photoshoots continues!

Had a great time shooting this super cute and fun family….

Gorgeous right? they should be models!

Okay I’ll stop last one… these two cuties! Look at those eyes!

[family fun]

One of my favorite families, who are also dear friends again like my last session have been with me from the very beginning, I’ve been so blessed to do what I do. Its always a great time to catch up with old friends. Thanks for another awesome session.

I always try to take pics of mom and dad, cause from my own experience I hardly ever get a snapshot of me and my hubby, let alone professional pictures! Most people tell me that the last time they had their picture taken just the two of them is at their wedding! Well… that’s just not gonna cut it with me! Be prepared to bring some love and cuddles. :-O

My favorite. pic of the session! Now that’s a true smile, with a hint of mischievousness, and a sparkle in the eye. I LOVE IT!!!

What a model! I think these boys are getting the hang of it after all these years. I sure look forward to seeing them each time… they are so animated.
Aaahhh… a treat for cooperating… its all about the TREATS! LOL!

[its family time]

I am in love with this picture! This sums up a very happy family session!

What can I say about this wonderful family, but thank you for choosing me to photograph your beautiful family. Here are some of my favs but there are just tons more I could have posted forever! We sure had fun chasing the kids around town…

And sweet little missy here sure started out with a bang this year! My oh my I couldn’t click fast enough! She did NOT want to share the lens with anyone… lol!

Daddy’s little girl…

Oh boy! He is a handsome dude, where oh where can I pick one up????

Sigh… a split second of sweet calmness. 😀
But man was it worth it, she totally charmed me! Such a change from the first time I photographed her I think 90% were blurry pics of her back! LOL!

Awww… and I had to add one of them together… and I had to make sure I posted one in B&W, yes… I still do B&Ws… LOL.

Sigh.. that was a FUN shoot to process. Thanks you guys for these amazing shots. Hugs to you!